Session 3: People-Powered Change - Non-Partisan Organizing in the 2015 Election

April 22, 2016
3pm - 3:50pm

Museum of Vancouver

In the lead up to the 2015 federal election, tens of thousands of Canadians met or spoke on the phone with a volunteer asking them to vote for a set of values or strategy, but not representing a specific political party or candidate. Third party, nonpartisan groups organized thousands of motivated people in volunteer-run canvassing and phoning programs, channeling passion into action to shift the government and build long term people-power in the process. Dogwood Initiative and Leadnow are leading the charge in this new approach to election organizing in the Canadian context. Arie Ross (Dogwood Initiative) and Rachel Tetrault (Leadnow) pass on hard-learned lessons on recruiting volunteers, building scalable and sustainable teams of volunteer organizers, digital tools, phone programs, and how to build long-term power to hold politicians to their promises in elections and beyond.

Presenters: Rachel Tetrault, Leadnow; and Arie Ross, Dogwood Initiative

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