Amal Rana

queer. seditious poet. irreverent resister. muslim futurisms.

Keynote Panel: Resilience in the Face of White Supremacy

Amal Rana is a queer Educator, Poet and Community Organizer. In these times when even exhaling while being Muslim is considered a crime, she collaboratively builds towards new futures where revolution has already been achieved and justice is a given. Amal has been active in anti-pinkwashing and anti-imperialist movements. She co-founded Breaking the Fast, an Arts Platform centering Muslim LGBTQI and femme voices. She organizes with the Interfaith Institute for Peace, Justice and Social Movements and Cambium Arts & Education. Recent public talks have focused on the need to recognize Islamophobia as a public health issue. Amal loves making giant, comical puppets of world leaders and other evil doers.

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